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What can a Fraternity do for you?

Fraternities encourage superior scholarship. Supervised study programs, test files, and Big Brother activities help to emphasize scholastic excellence.

Fraternities increase a student's chance of graduation. Studies by the Department of Education indicated that members of Greek organizations had a record of 71% in persistence toward graduation as compared to 50% for non-members.

Fraternities inspire high standards of conduct. The fundamental principles upon which a Fraternity is established teaches respect for others, self discipline, loyalty, and a sense of brotherhood.

Fraternities offer a sense of belonging. The campus environment can be cold and impersonal but the fraternity can provide a warm, close-knit group of friends with similar interests.

Fraternities develop leadership ability and responsibility. Fraternities train men to meet challenges of management. Within the chapter, goals are set, plans are made, and activities evaluated. Men are able to see and experience the results of their decisions.

Fraternities instill a spirit of concern for others. Many service projects - from cleaning the local park to aiding in a charity drive - are undertaken. Members gain experience while working together for unselfish goals.




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