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Expectations for Quality Chapter Operations

To be above the all-campus average and to include academic programming as a regular part of chapter life. Perhaps the single best measurement of the quality of a fraternity chapter is its grade point average. More often than not, those chapters with a high GPA have a more balanced program of chapter activities and attract the more gifted and well-rounded students. One of the best ways to encourage excellence in academics is to reward those that succeed scholastically; one of the best ways to guarantee this excellence is to recruit new members that are academically inclined.

To be among the largest fraternities on campus. Brothers are resources - the more quality men there are, the more the chapter can program and accomplish in its day-to-day activities. Over the years, chapters have realized that the more quality members they have the better the balance in the fraternity experience - as well as the muscle to tackle the challenges fraternities face.

To have financial stability while planning for future needs. The number one reason chapters fall by the wayside is due to lack of funds. Without adequate funding, the chapter cannot program activities, the alumni corporation cannot keep the chapter facility in operation, and the chapter cannot maintain membership in the IFC and with the national Fraternity. Chapters are desiring new and upgraded facilities and providing these is becoming increasingly more expensive. Financial planning is important to the future of any chapter and without such planning the chapter has no future to look forward to.

To have a member development program that extends to the entire membership, which fully educates a man, based on Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love. The ultimate goal of any development or enrichment program is to educate all chapter members and enhance their formal education. The most successful program strive to create a positive, trusting environment that encourages and promotes a sense of chapter well-being and focus. The better able a chapter is to educate its members, the more valuable the fraternity experience becomes.

To maintain regular and proper contact with alumni. Alumni involvement and support is the foundation of Fraternity. Alumni are a resource for alumni board membership, financial support, and every other area of chapter operations. The best way to tap into that potential resource is to encourage alumni involvement through an effective alumni relations program.

To have regular and proper use of the Ritual. The Ritual and Guide of Sigma Phi Epsilon constitutes the very essence of our Fraternity. Without it, we are no different than any other men's group - and by using and understanding it, Sigma Phi Epsilon will become a source of eternal inspiration to its members.

To conduct chapter life in a manner which exhibits care and concern for the well-being of members, guests, the community, and the chapter facility. Care and concern are synonymous with the purpose and intent of Sigma Phi Epsilon as defined in our Ritual and cardinal principles, Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love. In addition, this expectation plays a key role in ensuring that our chapters not only exemplify the Ritual through action, but avoid fueling the fire of negative sentiment toward fraternities in general. No longer can Sigma Phi Epsilon afford to be unconcerned about how it is perceived. All chapters must have a pro-active program of activities displaying c are and concern.

To conduct an annual self-evaluation of chapter operations. Any successful organization understands and uses the exercise of self-evaluation. It provides an objective look at those programs, activities, and events that either were successful, or, at worst, complete failures. Only when we can understand what we have done can we then determine what we will need to do to prepare for those challenges of the future. At the least, annual self-evaluation is so critical to a chapter's success.

To provide educational events and encourage participation in activities which enhance personal health and well-being. Just as it is important to educate all members on the benefits of a quality chapter experience, it is more important to educate all members on the benefits of personal health and well-being. A sound mind in a sound body is the foundation of a man, thus the chapter and the Fraternity. Balanced men make a balanced Chapter.

If you want a grid to determine your chapter's performance based on the above 9 Expectations, click HERE for the form in a word document.



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