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What exactly is the New Member Camp?

Perhaps you have heard about the New Member Camp. Perhaps you understand the potential in a program that brings together new members, but what exactly is the New Member Camp?

The New Member Camp (NMC) is a 24-hour experience providing new members with the tools to develop healthy life habits. College students today face many challenges: the pressure to fit in, alcohol abuse, drugs, and balancing academics and social time are but a few examples. While these are not new challenges, circumstances surrounding these issues have changed. Alcohol abuse has increased and become an acceptable rite of passage on many campuses. New harmful drugs have entered the college mainstream and found a safe haven. College campuses have grown more competitive and the pressure to succeed can affect the students, many of whom spend their entire waking hours studying in the library, living of caffeine in the coffee they consume to keep themselves awake. And then, of course, there are those who cram for exams because they party Wednesday through Sunday. These are the pressures facing college students today. Are they entirely bad? Studying hard, being active on campus and socializing are part of college. However, finding the right balance represents the challenge.

The NMC is an opportunity for new members to begin finding this balance. The NMC will show new members it is possible to study hard, get good grades, and still time find time to work out, exercise, and socialize. The NMC will show new members it is possible to be chapter president or student body president, and still find time to excel academically and enjoy the chapter event at a local art gallery with a sorority.

The NMC is an opportunity to show members that abusing alcohol and using illegal substances have no place in a well-balanced life full of ambitions and goals, not does this abuse constitute a great fraternity experience.

The 24-hour experience begins and ends with Ritual-like ceremonies\ that, in the spirit of our core principles, charge participants to work diligently and challenge members to return to campus dedicated to living the Sig Ep experience - a sound and healthy life. The NMC experience places the new members in small group interactive sessions that explore such areas asmaking smart decisions, evaluating your choices, confronting members not living the Sig Ep ideal, identifying the qualities of a great leader, and the member's responsibility to himself and his chapter. In many instance, the NMC will have participants from other chapters which provides a great introduction to the global nature of fraternalism and Sig Ep, specifically.

When the participants leave the NMC, the goal is to know how to challenge the process of what they have experienced. When they return to their respective campuses and chapters, we want them to know how to live a sound, healthy life and how they can help others in their chapters strive to do the same.

In the modern age of instant coffee, instant messaging, and instant gratification, no one has been able to invent instant success. As the Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote, "Success in life is not an act, but a habit." New members have the opportunity to develop the tools to be successful and make healthy habit choices that will guide them on this journey. They are encouraged to apply themselves in all they do, to be diligent as they can, and encourage others to live a well-balanced life with a Sound Mind, Sound Body, and Sound Spirit. This is what the NMC is all about.

Interested in learning more? Interested in learning about the next NMC scheduled in your area? Contact Corey Schuler at Sigma Phi Epsilon Headquarters.


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