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Social Fraternity?

As posted to Sig Ep talk by David Stollman, District Governor - Eastern Pennsylvania


"I have read numerous e-mails saying that we should weed out the people who join primarily for the social atmosphere." I think it wise to clarify the position once and for all.

I don't know anyone who is saying that "social" is NOT the reason to join fraternity. It comes down to one particular distinction. What does "social" mean?

Look at why you joined Sig Ep.  In the end, I joined my chapter because the brothers are down to earth, friendly, caring, and possess most other characteristics I consider true gentlemen to have. As I teach recruitment to chapters my main goal is to help people realize that MOST people join people, the fraternity follows. Our founders were friends first and then created Sig Ep so they could become brothers. Recruiting our friends for "social" reasons is not a bad thing. As long as "social" means what you described above. The problem is that too many define "social" differently than that. To them it means - PARTY.

Dance around the truth as some chapters do, they are still party based organizations that pay lip service when convenient to higher ideals and values. To them, the fraternity exists to assist underage men to have parties and get drunk, meet women, and then have a place to hook up. Look at the senior (and even junior) flight from chapters because men don't need the organization anymore, they go to bars.

 Chapters say one thing and act another. New members are recruited and taught by what they see and not what they hear. A chapter's behavior always reflects their true values. Think to yourself if you announced that there would be no more parties with alcohol... how many men in your chapter would leave if given the chance?

To these chapters I say plainly to get out of the fraternity. We have no room for you here. As much as it would seem fair to allow chapters to choose their own focus, that is not what we are about. I am so sick of chapters who think that they can decide to be "our own version of the Sig Ep." That is <EXCREMENT>!!  Chapters don't have that choice to DEFINE what Sig Ep is. It was already done. Read the Ritual if you are unsure. Want to be your own version? Then start your own damn fraternity somewhere else.

We ARE a "social" fraternity. If you are saying so in contrast to Delta Sigma Pi, a BUSINESS fraternal organization, or Alpha Phi Omega a community serviced based organization. We are a "social" fraternity if you are saying so meaning that our ties of brotherhood are social in nature as Brent from PA Tau described in his post.

We are NOT a "social" fraternity if you mean it is an organizational purpose or goal to throw SOCIAL events like the parties we see on campuses everywhere. I am not saying that chapters shouldn't have parties!! I AM saying that parties are not our PURPOSE!!!

We party together because we are brothers. We are not brothers because we party together. If you think that your chapter's purpose is to provide that "social," meaning party life, for brothers, fine. Just do us all a favor and turn in your charter.

No hard feelings at all. If that is what you want to be about just take the letters off your house and become some local group of men that have parties. I won't tell you how to teach new members, how to run your
parties, etc. I won't tell you how to do anything anymore. Just stop wasting our time acting as if the meaning behind Sigma Phi Epsilon is important to your organization.

If you don't like what I am saying. Sorry. Maybe my Northeastern attitude is coming out too strong. I just call it like I see it from over 200 campuses of experience.


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